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The inevitable has happened.

Volvo just announced that it will limit the top speed of all its new cars to 112 MPH, beginning with the 2021 model year – to “highlight the dangers of speeding.”

But it’s not just top speed Volvo intends to limit.

In addition to electronically preventing its cars from exceeding 112 MPH anywhere, it plans to limit you from exceeding the speed limit in school zones, near hospitals and – implicitly – everywhere else.

“We want to start a conversation about whether car makers have the right or maybe even the obligation to install technology in cars that changes their driver’s behavior,” croons Volvo’s president and chief executive Hakan Samuelsson. $50 Gift Ca…

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Italics added.

Samuelsson is saying – openly – that what Volvo is about to do everyone else must also do. In other words, a fatwa from the government – or the de facto equivalent – outlawing (or rendering impossible) “speeding,” period.

Because everyone knows that it’s ipso facto “dangerous” to ever drive even 1 MPH faster than whatever speed the government – which is all knowing – decrees to be the “safe” speed.

And more than just that.If a fatwa is hurled that requires all new cars to be incapable of being driven faster than the posted speed limit because that’s always“dangerous” then why not also a fatwa requiring them to be incapable of accelerating “excessively” fast – even if the car never actually exceeds the limit?

Throttle inputs can be controlled – and countermanded just as…

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