Ninety-Nine Bullets and One Dead Teen

Ten officers. Ninety-nine rounds.

That’s the tally of gunfire that police used to kill 19-year-old Jesus Adolfo Delgado-Duarte on March 6 in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The police killing — the first of 2018 by police in the Mission — has drawn attention because of the overwhelming use of force by officers, who unleashed a barrage of bullets into the trunk of a car that Delgado was allegedly attempting to hide in. Delgado-Duarte was struck by at least 20 bullets of the 99 fired.

Police claim Delgado-Duarte was a suspect in a robbery and that he had fired a gun from inside the trunk of the car. Astonishingly, police opened fire despite the fact that an 18-year-old woman was in the car’s passenger seat at the time — she was miraculously not harmed.

The killing has also drawn attention because of the fact that Delgado-Duarte was a DREAMer — a young undocumented immigrant brought to the US as a small child. Friends told that his biggest fear was being deported — and speculated that this was the reason why he tried to hide in the trunk of the car.

Though San Francisco is supposedly a “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants, that means little if immigrants can be executed by a police department that operates like an occupying force in the rapidly gentrifying Mission District.


A week after the killing, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott, alongside an assortment of city officials, lawyers and officers, attended a community meeting at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. Multiple videos of the shooting were played in an attempt to justify it to grieving family members and a furious community.

The body camera footage was shown to more than 200 people at the meeting, who had turned out after pleas for justice from Delgado-Duarte’s family. Residents reacted with pain and anger — shouting “murderers!” in Spanish — as they watched video clips in which the teenager was gunned down by police.

A Justice for Jesus Adolfo Coalition brought together…

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