Nima Shirazi on Iran Deal, Mark Trahant on Native Americans


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CBS News on Iran deal coverageThis week on CounterSpin: Going into Labor Day weekend, the word is that Barack Obama has enough votes to pass the  deal on Iran’s nuclear program. The debate over the pact has featured a wealth of misinformation about Iran and the pact itself, no reason to imagine that that will suddenly change. What should we look for going forward? We’ll speak with Nima Shirazi, writer at the blog Wide Asleep in America, editor at the online magazine, Muftah.

DenaliAlso on the show: When Obama, headed to Alaska to talk about climate change, approved officially renaming what the federal government called “Mt. McKinley” to what Alaska Natives have always called it, Denali, the New York Times called it an effort to “improve relations between the federal government and the nation’s Native American tribes, an important political constituency that has a long history of grievances against the government.” Do media really see indigenous people as an important constituency? If so, why do we see so little news about them, or their “grievances”? We’ll talk about media and Native Americans with journalist Mark Trahant, professor at the University of North Dakota.



This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission from FAIR.