Nigerian president slams Cameron’s embarrassing remarks

UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s embarrassing remarks about Nigeria drew harsh criticism Wednesday from Nigerian senators and President Muhammadu Buhari who said he would not want an apology but “something tangible.”

Chukwuka Utazi, chairman of Nigeria’s senate committee on anti-corruption and financial crimes, slammed Cameron’s “hypocritical” remarks, saying he was “taken aback” by the comments.

“Let these governments return all these stolen funds in London, then we can believe what he is saying. If he just comes here and makes guarded statements like he did yesterday, we as a nation are not happy about it.”

“Great Britain, as a great ally of Nigeria, should do better than they’re doing for this country. Hypocritical – that’s just the word,” the Nigerian senator added.

“If there’s no market for stolen goods, then there would not be a thief. As long as the criminals steal, and Britain is ready to welcome them over…

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