Nigel Farage says Obama made US ‘a lot weaker’

British politician Nigel Farage says the US became “a lot” weaker under the leadership of President Barack Obama.

Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), took aim at the outgoing American president’s legacy in an interview with Fox News on Monday, saying Obama had weakened the United States’ global standing in an unprecedented manner.

“I think America these days, I’m sorry to say, looks a lot weaker than it has done for a very long time,” said Farage, who is a close friend of President-elect Donald Trump.

“Barack Obama is popular with all the countries that he’s been weak and that he’s appeased,” he said, citing Cuba as an example. “Around the rest of the world, America’s standing is poor.”

“Let me tell you that not only is Obama’s reputation here lower than I can think of than any American president for some time, but actually America’s reputation is lower.” 

The member of the European…

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