Newspeak is here: Professors threaten failing grade if students use the terms he or she and male or female

In yet another sign of how far American University’s have fallen to the leftist thought police, multiple professors with at least two colleges are threatening students with failing grades if they use language deemed offensive by the hard left.

“Offensive” and “problematic” terms include illegal alien and illegal immigrant as well as the gender pronouns he and she and male or female. Students could also face a failing grade if they do not “defer” to non-whites.

That’s right, in the new America young citizens who wish to pass their class and be accepted within the “progressive tolerance sphere” must conform to what is essentially the modern-day version of George Orwell’s Newspeak.

Course syllabuses for several different classes at Washington State University make clear that students will be punished if they use normal gender pronouns that their cultural Marxist professors have deemed “oppressive and hateful language.”

An article published by the Campus Reform website details, word for word, the instructions given to students by teachers at WSU.

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