New Zealand Recognizes Muslim Call to Prayer as News Anchors Wear Hijabs

Mosque leader calls on governments to ban “hate speech”

Paul Joseph Watson
March 22, 2019


New Zealanders across the country stopped to recognize the Muslim call to prayer as news anchors and armed police officers wore hijabs in solidarity one week after the Christchurch mosque massacre.

The call to prayer preceded a two minutes silence. The video below appears to show the event at a shopping mall.

In other capital cities such as London, “Allahu Akbar” rung out in memory of the victims.

Meanwhile, according to one Guardian journalist, “New Zealand television journalists and anchors are wearing headscarves for their live broadcasts and using Arabic greetings.”

Another image shows an armed female police officer wearing a hijab as a show of support to the Muslim community.

Al Noor mosque prayer leader Imam Gamal Fouda called for governments “around the world” to “bring an end” to hate speech by cracking down on “anti-Muslim rhetoric” by individuals and media outlets.


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