New York police officers charged with raping teenage suspect in custody


New York police officers charged with raping teenage suspect in custody

Daniel de Vries

4 November 2017

Two Brooklyn police officers were arraigned in New York State court Monday, accused of raping a teenage woman while she was handcuffed in a police van. A grand jury indicted the two narcotics detectives, Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, on 50 counts including rape, sexual abuse, kidnapping and official misconduct.

The officers surrendered at the police precinct Monday and were released on bail after pleading not guilty.

Prosecutors recounted in court Monday the chilling charges of Martins and Hall taking turns raping the 18-year-old woman. DNA evidence from a rape test performed on the victim following the attack matched the two detectives.

The two officers were part of a “buy and bust” drug operation near Coney Island, Brooklyn on September 15. Cruising in an unmarked van, they pulled up on a car with the young woman and two male friends in a parking lot of a public park after closing hours.

Shining a flashlight through the window, one of the plain-clothed officers noticed the woman adjust her bra. He demanded the she expose her breasts to prove she wasn’t hiding drugs. She complied. The officers proceeded to search the car and found a small amount of marijuana in a cup holder and a few anti-anxiety pills.

The detectives took only the young woman into custody, handcuffing her and driving her to a Chipotle parking lot in an adjacent neighborhood. Detective Martins used his cell phone to call her friends and instruct them not to follow the police van. They could pick her up in three hours from the police precinct, the detective said.

According to the prosecution Martins told the woman, “We’re freaks,” while seated with her in the back seated and asked what she…

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