New Star Trek show has modeled its Klingons on TRUMP supporters and ‘racial purity is a big theme’

Daily Mail
Sept 9, 2017

The show-runners of the highly anticipated new CBS Star Trek series have said their Klingons will symbolize Trump supporters in modern America.

Released on September 24th, Star Trek: Discovery will continue the show’s time-honored practice of mirroring the contemporary world in a futuristic setting.

The story, set 10-years before William Shatner’s Captain Kirk, will focus on the fractious early relations between the United Federation of Planets and the aggressive Klingon Empire.

However, the new update could prove controversial, with fans of the 1960s show remembering the Klingons and Federation fight as an allegory for the Cold War clash of civilizations between the Soviet Union and freedom loving United States.

But the producers of the new Jason Isaacs fronted series have said that Klingons as Trump voters will now represent the current culture war within the United States, with ‘isolation’ and ‘racial purity’ as big themes.

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This article was posted: Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 7:07 am

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