Netanyahu attacks US media as ‘fake news’


The Hill
May 8, 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu borrowed a line from President Trump on Sunday, referring to CNN, the New York Times and other outlets as “fake news.”

Netanyahu was upset with reporting by the two news groups about a new political document from the Palestinian group Hamas.

“Ever wonder what fake news is?” Netanyahu asked in a social media posting. “Last week, headlines in CNN, Al Jazeera and The Guardian said Hamas now accepts a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines. The New York Times headline called this ‘moderation.’”

“The intimation is that Hamas now accepts the State of Israel,” Netanyahu continued. “Great news, right? Well except for one small detail: This is a complete distortion of the truth.”

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This article was posted: Monday, May 8, 2017 at 9:35 am

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  • Edward Huguenin

    It is a sad and bitter irony indeed that perhaps the most dangerous, vicious, evil and vile criminal leader in the Middle East wasn’t from Iraq, or Libya, but in fact from Israel. Clearly so much of the violence and hatred and terrorism is a direct result of the crimes and atrocities committed by Israel. It would have been far better to have removed the nuclear weapons from Israel in 2001 and forced Israel back to the Pre1967 borders as mandated by international law instead of destroying 2/3’s of the entire Middle East killing millions, turning 10’s of millions into refugees, reducing entire cities to rubble, spending more than 7 Trillion dollars. The world in general and America in particular would have become a far better place than it is today.

  • Joe Blow

    “Ever wonder what fake news is?” Netanyahu asked”

    Well, we might start with your claim to be the J3ws of the bible or the Holocaust, or your claim to “being friends with America,” or just about a gillion other things.

    Here’s something that isn’t fake news…

    Ariel Sharon: “We, the J3wish People, Control America, and The Americans Know it.”

  • He should know, he owns it