Napolitano Top Front-Runner For Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

Napolitano was told he was a top pick in 2017 by the president face-to-face

Kit Daniels
June 28, 2018

Andrew Napolitano is a top front-runner for President Trump’s next Supreme Court pick, multiple sources have told Infowars.

Napolitano was already told he was on the president’s short list in 2017, but Neil Gorsuch was selected based in part on a computer algorithm that suggested he was the top conservative judge based on federal court cases.

Napolitano, on the other hand, has experience as a state judge for New Jersey’s Superior Court.

It appears that for his first pick, President Trump decided to ‘play it safe’ with a known federal judge like Gorsuch, which gave him more maneuverability for his second choice.

Choosing Napolitano wouldn’t be far-fetched, given Trump’s penchant for thinking outside the box and for the “earned media” a Napolitano pick would generate.

Furthermore, Napolitano’s judicial philosophy is within the same realm as Gorsuch and the late Antonin Scalia, and while Napolitano doesn’t follows the latter’s strict originalism to the letter, he only deviates from it to protect the liberties of the individual through the application of Natural Law.

In 2017, Infowars had already reported that Napolitano was one of Trump’s personal favorites, with the president praising Napolitano’s ability to make federal law understandable to the common man.

Trump also quoted Napolitano in a tweet on Tuesday, and Napolitano was one of the first legal experts to shine a light on the controversial surveillance targeting the Trump campaign in 2016.