Naomi Klein promotes pro-war, pro-austerity NDP as antidote to populist far-right


Naomi Klein promotes pro-war, pro-austerity NDP as antidote to populist far-right

Roger Jordan

1 June 2018

The well-known author and “social justice” activist Naomi Klein is pleading for working people and the “left” to rally behind the NDP—Canada’s pro-war, pro-austerity social-democratic party—in the June 7 Ontario election. The NDP, Klein claims, is a bulwark against the populist hard-right, represented in Ontario by Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford, and would provide Ontarians with a “different kind of government,” one committed to “tangibly” improving working people’s lives.

In an article titled “We can stop Trump from coming to Canada,” Klein and her co-author, University of Toronto Professor Rinaldo Walcott, argue that whilst the billionaire demagogue Trump was able to capitalize on anger with the establishment in the 2016 elections because Hillary Clinton personified the big business status quo, his Canadian acolyte Ford confronts a formidable obstacle in trying to exploit anger over rampant social inequality. Unlike south of the border, they contend, “we have a viable third party on the ballot.”

“The NDP,” write Klein and Walcott, “has been out of power for longer than either the Tories or the Liberals and can therefore make a more credible claim to represent ‘change’.” Moreover, the social democrats, they enthuse, offer “genuine hope.” An Andrea Horwath-led NDP government would be committed to a “bold … plan to begin interrupting the inequalities that have taken deep root … under Liberal-Tory rule,” and would be amenable to pressure from “engaged and organized social movements.”

“Now is the time,” conclude Klein and Walcott, “for everyone who is committed to social justice to throw…

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