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Got the return letter from Sen. Mike Crapo’s office – lots of data, lots of text. Impressed by the time it took to put together, if it was written just for me. Maybe it was. Nevertheless, the letter was a compilation of facts and views compiled to ignore the basis of my questioning. Hopefully I won’t be breaching a trust by reprinting my letter and Crapo’s but, to move forward, I’ll present both letters. I feel what I was going for in writing to him is an unachievable goal and that somehow discussing the letter of response will do some good. The moral questions I posed where not addressed.

My letter:

It has been argued that the United States’ sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia is a necessary part of satisfying our ally and, therewith, satisfying our strategic aims in the whole of the Middle East.

There was talk – in the form of Rand Paul’s S. J. Res. 39 – to slow the flow of certain materiel to the Kingdom – at least long enough to question the use of this weaponry in Yemen. You were against this. And now our practices are reaping misery on a broad scale in that country. The largest cholera outbreak in history (1,000,000 cases) is quite the feat. Cholera can be fought with having a supply of clean water and the US is at least seeking to ease the current blockade on this most basic human necessity.

You know our media will not report on the United States’ role in this atrocity and (therefore?) the public will not care about it. This keeps you off the hook for even issuing a public statement. I hope that Americans would care if they knew. Maybe, as a whole, we don’t care though I’m 100% sure that – morally speaking – what we are helping Saudi Arabia do in Yemen is wrong.

Beyond supporting an ally, how do you justify this morally? I’m not trying to be facetious but present this as a question that I struggle with: I try to square how fortunate we are to live in an amazing state like Idaho with in a great country like the United States with what we do overseas. It is wrong to aid to the steamrolling of a county like Yemen whether you are talking about some rarefied concept of “the good” or more easily – and especially – if you are using the metric of Christian morality.

I’m not perfect and of course nobody is, but wouldn’t it be great if you were the Congress member to make Idaho so proud in the stand for what is right? Wouldn’t you rather have a legacy more in tune with those of Sens. Borah and Church instead of the legacy that is becoming your own?

Thanks for your time and keep fighting for Idaho!

– Chris Chigbrow

The response from Crapo (

Dear Chris:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the humanitarian crisis stemming from Yemen’s ongoing civil war. I share your concerns about the extent and urgency of this situation and welcome the opportunity to respond.

The current humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the result of many long-standing, complex internal and regional issues. Yemen, long beset…

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