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Prime Minister Theresa May was surrounded by chuckling MPs as she said her draft Brexit withdrawal agreement ensures the UK “will leave the EU in a smooth and orderly way” by March 2019.

May said that once a final deal is finally reached with the EU, she will come back to Parliament to ask for MPs’ approval in the name of “national interest.”

The PM told MPs the choice is between leaving the bloc with no deal or risking Brexit doesn’t happen at all, or choose the deal she has hammered out. 

In response, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hit out at May, saying her deal has been “botched” as it “breaches the PM’s own red lines and doesn’t” meet Labour’s six tests.

The Labour leader highlighted that the deal extends the transition period to “20XX” and asked if that meant it would run “until 2099?”

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Corbyn ended his comments, saying “government must now withdraw this half-baked deal” that has no one’s approval.

Scottish National Party MP Ian Blackford, meanwhile, launched a scathing attack on the PM and her “dead in the water” deal, stating she talks about “taking back control, she can’t even control her own cabinet.”

In a worrying sign for the PM, DUP leader Nigel Dodds slammed her for broken promises on Northern Ireland and backing a plan that would break up the United Kingdom.

He pointedly told the beleaguered prime minister that he could take her through those promises she has made in public, and private, to his party, but he wouldn’t bother because “she clearly doesn’t listen.”

Dodds’ sentiment was echoed by Jacob Rees-Mogg, the hardline Tory Brexiter, and leader of the notorious anti-EU European Research Group (ERG). He told May that what she says and what she does “no longer match,” and threatened to submit a letter of no-confidence.

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May seemed muted in Parliament, following this morning’s resignations from her Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey. The resignations came after the PM tried to get support from her cabinet for the UK/EU deal, support last night she said she attained. 

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