‘Most Democrats Have Voted For The Wall Before’

“It didn’t used to be immoral”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
February 5, 2019

Senator Rand Paul has called for Democrats to compromise on funding for border security, noting that most of them have previously supported the idea of a barrier to help ‘controlled access’ to the country.

During an interview Sunday night with WBKO, Paul warned that if Democrats do not try to reach an agreement, it will lead to another shutdown, but also “a national emergency” and “other things.”

“I think there’s a compromise to be had,” Paul said, adding “I think whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, most people don’t want open borders. We want some kind of controlled access.”

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Paul urged that the two parties need to come together for the good of the country.

“I think the democrats should compromise and say ‘we’re not giving you all the money you’re asking for but we’ll give you some of the money’ – that’s sort of a compromise.” Paul said.

“We’ve heard Nancy Pelosi say, ‘oh the wall is immoral.’ Well, most of these democrats have voted for this wall before, so it didn’t used to be immoral,” the Senator further noted.

With ten days to go before another shutdown ensues, Paul touted the potential upsides to a compromise on the wall.

“I think most immigrants who come here are good people they work hard,” Paul said, adding “We might even be able to have more work permits and more legal immigration, I’m not against that.”

Ahead of Trump’s State Of The Union address tomorrow, some have been sharing video of President Obama calling for border control during his time in office.

Obama called for practically the same things as Trump is calling for…

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