Mortars Strikes Continue in Baghdad; 32 Killed in Iraq


Mortars Strikes Continue in Baghdad; 32 Killed in Iraq

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid
Ra’ad Al Hussein,
that there is considerable war crimes evidence against the Shi’ite militia,
Kata’ib Hezbollah. The group headquartered itself in Saqlawiya and undertook
unwarranted interrogations of displaced people during the operations in
Saqlawiya, Fallujah, and other nearby areas. Hundreds of men are still missing.
Dozens are believed to have been executed or tortured to death. The
commissioner also warned
that this probable massacre and the bombing in Karrada may re-ignite sectarian

Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban resigned
from his post on Tuesday, following the security breach that allowed for the
massive bombing and fire in Baghdad over the weekend. The number of fatalities
in that attack continues to rise
and now stands at 250 dead. It is believed
the bomber may have come from Diyala province. Separately, several security
officials in charge of the Karrada area were detained.

Rockets were fired
at Baghdad International Airport and Camp Liberty again on Tuesday. No
casualties were reported.

At least 32 were killed and 15 were wounded:

In Baghdad, mortars fell on a displaced persons camp
in Saidiya, killing
three and wounding 12
more. Two
soldiers were killed and three were wounded
in a
suicide bombing
in Sabaa al-Bour. A suicide
was killed in Shoala.

Airstrikes on a sharia court in Bakher left nine
detainees and eight militants dead
, including the sharia judge.

militants were killed
in clashes at the Makhmour front.

In Baquba, security forces
killed a suicide bomber

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