More Exposure Deaths near Shirqat; 37 Killed in Iraq


More Exposure Deaths near Shirqat; 37 Killed in Iraq

Lithuania is planning
to send its first six military personnel to train soldiers in Iraq. The small
group will work within Danish forces.

At least 37 people were killed, and 16 were wounded:

More exposure deaths were reported among refugees fleeing Shirqat.
At least
three women are dead and possibly a third child
. Two children were reported
to have died yesterday. About a thousand families have escaped
Shirqat. Most of the displaced are women and children. Authorities expect
to liberate the town within a day.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
one person and wounded six more
in Shabb.

A bomb in Tarmiya killed
one policeman and wounded four more

A man
was wounded
in a landmine explosion in Iskandariya.

A bomb caused much damage but left no
in Kut.

In Aiadhiah, 11
militants were killed, and five more
were wounded in an airstrike.

militants were killed
in a strike on Athba.

A strike killed
another 10
in Qaim.

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