Militias Sneak into Fallujah; 256 Killed in Iraq Battles, Attacks

Militias Sneak into Fallujah; 256 Killed in Iraq Battles, Attacks

Although Shi’ite militiamen promised not to enter the
city of Fallujah, witnesses say
the militiamen have donned federal police uniforms in order to sneak into the
city. There are reports
of militia casualties that could confirm the accounts. The U.S. military says
it is concerned about the deception. Separately, the United Nations stated
that it has received new reports of rights violations by the militias, which
the militiamen say is part of a smear campaign.

Lt. General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi said
as many as 4,000 militants have been killed during the Fallujah
operation. However, the Iraqi government also declared victory in Fallujah on
Friday. Heavy fighting there continues.

At least 256 were killed and 20 more were wounded:

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
one person and wounded five more
in Suleikh. A suicide
four security members and wounded five more
at a checkpoint. Security
forces killed
a militant

policeman was killed and four were wounded
in a blast in Mishada.

In Fallujah, a militia
leader died in battle
. Thirteen
militants were found dead
. Most of them were decapitated. Security forces killed
three militants

A bomb in Taji injured
four civilians

civilians were injured
when shells fell on Mukhisa.

In Khirbet al-Sham, strikes left 83
militants dead

Airstrikes on Zankura left 55
militants dead

Shelling on Qayara killed
three militants
. An airstrike killed
10 militants
. Another strike killed
14 more

militants were killed
in strikes on Jaber.

In Nawaran, security forces killed 20

militants were killed
in strikes on Muhammad Moosa.

Security forces in Saniya killed
six militants

militants were killed
in Nasr.

In Mosul, militants killed four of their

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