Mexico’s First Presidential Debate: All against One

A Crónica of an Announced Defeat

The Debate

The first of a series of presidential debates On April 22, 2018 took the shape of all against one. The appearance of a civil debate while Mexico is carved out to the greed of pompous and ambitious foreign and national elites was a white washed presentation of indifference towards the poor and hardworking citizen.The singled out ‘one’ would be leading progressive candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). The four Presidential runners took multiple jabs, hooks and below the waist hits. Nevertheless like a weathered boxer AMLO deflected their jabs not by ducking, floating or skipping his allotted time to respond. For him the best stingis yet to come later in the final round, Election Day July 1st, 2018. The following afternoon at a campaign rally in Ixtapaluca, Mexico AMLO from the ‘Together We Will Make History Coalitionsaid, “We came out of this calamity unscratched.”

The calamities range from scare tactics to repeated lies of AMLO’s anti-clergy tendencies by circulating fliers of the Virgin de Guadalupe crossed out associated with Together We Will Make History Coalition.

The candidate from the ultra conservative party Ricardo Anaya (PAN/ National Action Party), a trained stale orator attempted a first ring knockout aimed at AMLO. He entered the ring rallied up and ready to show his verbal prowess with flash cards and pictures. Confident he would come out as the winner, he and his trainers had mis-configured…

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