Merkel UK’s ‘best hope’ for saving Brexit: Farage

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the “only hope” for saving the tumultuous Brexit talks with the European Union (EU), says former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage.

Speaking on a radio program on Sunday, Farage endorsed Merkel in her ongoing bid for re-election against her center-left rival Martin Schulz.

“My feeling is she is a pragmatist, and probably the most positive leader in the European Union towards finding a sensible solution,” Farage said of Merkel.

“She has been solid dependable and reliable. There is an economic logic to her,” he added. “If there is any hope in saving Brexit talks, it lies with her.”

Farage even advised the German chancellor to “listen to the voice of German business, think of German jobs” and challenge EU leaders.

The comments came days after the third round of EU-UK Brexit talks and surprised many in the British political circles since Farage has proven to be an…

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