Meghan McCain Is a Fake, Blubbering Jerk

Some traditions say that having children is the same as attaining immortality. In the case of Meghan McCain, the apple certainly didn’t fall far from the warmongering psychopath.

The View is an American morning talk show in which current events are discussed by a panel of women with radically diverse political beliefs ranging from Democratic Party neoconservatism all the way to Republican Party neoconservatism. Within this microscopic Overton window of public discourse, the subject of the House debate over a resolution to denounce Ilhan Omar’s criticisms of America’s involvement with the Israeli government came up at the beginning of the show today.

And it made Meghan McCain cry.

Joy Behar introduced the topic, with her only criticism of the smear campaign against Omar being that Democrats are targeting their own instead of Trump. Abby Huntsman jumped in to say that it’s “shocking” and “a bad look” that the House can’t immediately pass a resolution targeting Omar, expressing sympathy for Nancy Pelosi for having to deal with “these more extreme voices in her party.”

From that point up until the commercial break, the show was about John McCain’s daughter.

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“Um, this issue is a really intense one for me,” began McCain. She went on to bash Omar’s perfectly legitimate and truthful observations about the influence of the Israel lobby in US politics and the loyalty US politicians of all faiths display towards the Israeli government, premising all her arguments on the unquestioned assumption that those observations are intrinsically antisemitic “tropes” and “dog whistles” despite their not…

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