Mayor Cries After City Councilmember Refuses to Acknowledge White Privilege

Incredible dispute caught on camera, as mayor insists white privilege exists

Adan Salazar
December 6, 2017

Astonishing footage out of Minnesota shows the Mayor of New Brighton breaking down into tears after one fellow councilmember refuses to acknowledge her “white privilege.”

In an October 3, 2017, city council meeting, councilwoman Mary Burg lectures her fellow peers on why they should feel guilty for being white.

“Okay, we all have white privilege. We don’t know what it’s like to not have it because we do. We go everywhere and we’re just… we have that. We… we don’t know the difference. We don’t know what it’s like to not have it and I said we can’t do what… look at who’s up here. We can’t move forward as all being people of white privilege. We can’t, because we don’t know the difference of not having it.”

Burg’s outlandish assertions were immediately challenged by councilwoman Gina Bauman, who explained she was a child of immigrants and had to work hard for what she had.

“Because I’m white, you think I was privileged my whole life? Are you kidding?” Bauman retorts. “I grew up in an Italian neighborhood. They came here – my grandfather came – they didn’t speak English, but they assimilated.”

Bauman goes on to highlight why she finds Burg’s comments reprehensible, saying, “I resent that you think that I had white privilege.”

“Everybody I work for, or with is usually from another country and they say to me, here’s what they say, is we as Americans don’t realize – and it doesn’t matter what color we are as Americans, because I believe we are all Americans – is that we are privileged to just live here.

“So I don’t want to think that this body doesn’t feel that they can’t represent people because they’re white, and that again to me is just saying, ‘I’m different because of color.’…

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