May slams North Korea’s ‘reckless’ nuclear test, calls for tougher action

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called for “tougher action” against North Korea following its “reckless and unacceptable” test of a nuclear bomb.

May said Sunday that she had called Japanese President Shinzo Abe to discuss Pyongyang’s claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test.

“I discussed the serious and grave threat these dangerous and illegal actions present with President Abe in Japan this week and reiterate the call we jointly made for tougher action, including increasing the pace of implementation of existing sanctions and looking urgently in the UN Security Council at new measures,” she said in a statement.

The PM called on the international community to come together and push for an end into the North’s “destabilizing actions.”

Announcing the test on Sunday, North Korean state television said the tested weapon was capable of being loaded onto long-range missiles.

The broadcaster said the nuclear test had an…

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