Matthews: All Trump Does Is ‘B**ch, B**ch,’ While Obama Was Fine Since He ‘Inherited Crapola’

April 19, 2017

MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews is notorious for saying stupid things, but salty language is not usually associated with him. While trashing President Trump and his criticism of President Obama, Matthews whined to his panelists that all Trump does is “bitch, bitch.”

“Well, what’s this bitch, bitch. He’s supposed to be a positive, Make America Great guy and it’s all this whining about the job he took. Hey look, he knew Obama was the last president. He knew he was coming in after Obama, who was actually quite successful and now he blames it all on the conditions of the job,” Matthews complained.

Matthews set himself up with his previous comments that Obama is “almost like a disease — like it’s a tick” in Trump’s ear to which New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters agreed.

“It’s the same thing with Hillary too. I mean, the grievance list that Trump has and the grudges that he holds, I mean he makes the Clintons look magnanimous. He is just — holds grudge after grudge after grudge. But I think it’s more than that,” argued Peters.

After Matthews offered his “bitch, bitch” aside, Peters continued by parroting Democratic talk points and forgetting that this point applied to Barack Obama:

Sure, but it’s two things there. One, nothing is ever Trump’s fault, ever. Number two, it is hard to overstate his desire for validation and affirmation. So, therefore, if he’s criticizing how horrible Obama has done, by extension, he’s doing a much better job[.]

The admirably even-keeled Molly Ball of The Atlantic tried to inject some reason into this liberal lovefest, reminding everyone how “Republicans would always make fun of Obama for still blaming the Bush administration for Iraq and the state of the economy years after he took office.”

Not surprisingly, Matthews and Peters didn’t allow that to claim to…

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