Mass Graves Found in Tikrit; 133 Killed in Iraq


Mass Graves Found in Tikrit; 133 Killed in Iraq

France revealed
that it is sending artillery and readying an aircraft carrier in advance of an
operation to liberate Mosul.

In Qayara, the U.N. World Food Program delivered
for about 30,000 people. At least three separate oil fires are still burning.

At least 133 were killed and 20 were wounded:

Three mass graves containing 30
was discovered near Tikrit. The dead are believed to be
victims of the Camp Speicher massacre.

In Baghdad, the casualties from yesterday’s suicide
bombing rose by 6
dead and 12 wounded
to a total of 15 dead and 32 wounded.

A bomb in Shirqat killed four
people and wounded eight more
who were attempting to flee the city. Seven
militants were killed
in an airstrike.

militants were killed
in strikes near Qayara.

An airstrike on Ghabat killed
18 militants and wounded seven more

An airstrike left 15
militants dead
in Saqra.

In Mosul, a car bomb killed
12 Daesh policemen
. An airstrike on a bank killed
10 militants

Shelling left 10
militants dead
in Botaiban.

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