Mass Grave Found near Mosul; 219 Killed Across Iraq


To lessen any hostility from security forces, Shi’ite cleric
Muqtada al-Sadr recalled
his Saraya Salam (Peace Brigades) from Baghdad and Sadr City streets. They were
deployed as a precaution after yesterday’s attacks.

Coalition spokesperson Colonel Steve Warren urged the Iraqi
government to maintain troops where they are already deployed instead of
relocating them to protect the capital. The Islamic State militants may be focusing
their efforts on Baghdad to take pressure off them at the front lines. He
believes it is more important to expel Daesh militants from Iraq.

Several guerrillas were killed
in Turkish airstrikes on suspected Kurdistan Workers Party
(P.K.K.) targets in northern Iraq.

At least 219 people were killed and 28 were wounded:

In Mosul, militants executed
25 people
using nitric acid. Militants kidnapped
35 women for jihad marriages. An airstrike killed
15 militants
at a bank.

A booby-trapped house in Latifiya exploded, killing
nine soldiers and wounding nine more
. A roadside bomb killed
an army officer and wounded three soldiers

A family
of five died
of dehydration while attempting to escape Daesh territory in Hawija.

In Baghdad, two
policemen were killed and three were wounded
in a blast. Another bombing
left one
dead and nine wounded

A bomb in Yusufiya killed
one militiaman and wounding five more

In Muqdadiya, an elderly
man was shot dead

A militant mass grave or cemetery containing 99
was found in Baaj.

militants were killed
in a strike on Bashiqa.

The army shelled Awsaja and Qayara, killing
14 militants

Peshmerga forces killed
10 militants
in Kesk.

Strikes killed
seven militants
in Tiskhrab.

In Falluja, a strike killed
five militants
. Security forces killed
three snipers

A strike on Tal Azab killed three
, including a senior leader.

The United States reported killing
three militants
, including two high value targets.

Dozens of militants were killed
during the liberation of villages within the Rutba district.

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