Mass Executions in Mosul; 145 Killed in Iraq


Mass Executions in Mosul; 145 Killed in Iraq

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that
the start of operations in Mosul will occur on October 19. It is unclear
why he would announce the date, but Ankara has been trying to meddle
its way into the battle without
being invited
. Turkish troops
are already stationed
in nearby Bashiqa, even though Baghdad has demanded their removal. They may be
one of many
involved in the battle.

At least 145 people were killed and 42 were wounded:

In Mosul, militants executed
75 people

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed
seven people and wounded 28 more
on a commercial street in Iskan.

children were treated
for symptoms of chemical inhalation in Mosul.
The children are thought to be “cubs of the caliphate” or children in training
to fight for Daesh.

A rocket attack on Qayara left five
dead and three wounded

Security forces
killed 40 militants
in Hit.

militants were killed
in Albu Diab.

Peshmerga forces killed five militants on
an attack on Sinjar.

In Saniya, a militant
was killed

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