Mass Execution Filmed; 131 Killed in Iraq

Mass Execution Filmed; 131 Killed in Iraq

U.S. and Iraqi officials announced
that the United States would send about 600 more troops to Iraq this
year to support operations against the Islamic State in Mosul.

The dismissal of Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari
could cost
Iraq billions in international loans. Zebari is the person most associated with
a deal that would help Iraq overcome a loss of revenue due to low oil prices.
Parliament fired him last week after questioning him about government
corruption. Zebari claims that former Prime Minister and current Vice President
Nouri al-Maliki was behind the campaign to oust him.

Islamic State militants have lost
all capability to obtain oil revenue in Iraq after losing control of a
field near Kirkuk. The last field they have access to is near Qayara. However,
they can’t transport oil away from it, so they have set the
wells on fire instead.

At least 131 people were killed and 17 more were wounded:

An old video purports to show militants killing about 50 victims in
Wilayat. That village was retaken in 2014.

In Baghdad’s Shula neighborhood, a bomb killed
two people and wounded eight more

Militants killed
four men
, in Hammam al-Alil, who were brothers to a Nineveh police

In Mashada, a bomb killed
one soldier and wounded four more

A bomb in Madaen left one
person dead and five wounded

Security forces killed
33 militants
in Hit Island.

A faulty explosives belt killed
16 militants
at a meeting in Hawija.

Fifteen militants
were killed
in clashes in Tlul al-Baj after seven suicide bombers attacked
security forces.

In Mosul, a veiled woman killed
two militants

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