Marco Rubio gets crucified by Twitter after boldly reciting cliché Bible verse — RT USA News

Venezuela regime change aficionado Marco Rubio has unleashed torrents of Twitter mockery after smugly posting a Bible verse about the danger of seeking fault in others while ignoring your own defects. Reactions were predictable.

“Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own?” the Florida senator piously tweeted, lifting a verse from Luke for reasons which will forever remain a mystery.

As Rubio is one of the most vocal cheerleaders for forcefully reshuffling the government in Caracas, while simultaneously serving as an altar boy for American exceptionalism, his divine message struggled to resonate with many Twitter users.

“Why do you notice the crisis in Venezuela (caused by the US) but do not perceive the crisis in your own country? 41 million live in poverty, 13 million kids are hungry & drug overdose deaths are soaring thanks to pharmaceutical industry. Where’s your aid for them Little Marco?” fired back journalist Anya Parampil.

The irony of Rubio’s tweet did not go unnoticed by the Twitteratti. Far from it.

“It’s almost like he’s talking directly to you, senator…” wrote user ‘Nice Donald J. Trump’.

“Good Lord, you really do lack self awareness,” quipped another Twitter user.

“I do hope you contemplate these personally as you tweet,” wrote one extremely optimistic netizen.

Rubio’s Bible dabbling comes a week after the lawmaker declared that power outages in Venezuela were caused by an explosion at a ‘German Dam’ – which does not exist and is actually the name of a journalist who reported on the blackouts. The factually-challenged tweet remained online for several days, before it was quietly deleted.

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