Manufactured Opioid Crisis: a Ploy to Salvage the War on Drugs

Photo by Ryohei Noda | CC BY 2.0

Photo by Ryohei Noda | CC BY 2.0


In case you haven’t heard, there’s an opioid crisis in America.

With majorities of Americans now clearly supportive of marijuana legalization, opioids, a class of drugs used for thousands of years to treat pain and other ailments, have become the latest target of drug warriors and do-gooders alike.

“Our nation is in the throes of a heroin and opioid epidemic,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday. “Overdose deaths more than tripled between 2010 and 2014.  According to the CDC, about 140 Americans on average now die from a drug overdose each day. That means every three weeks, we are losing as many American lives to drug overdoses as we lost in the 9/11 attacks.”

Indeed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 33,000 Americans lost their lives in 2015 due to opioid-related overdoses, including 12,989 deaths associated specifically with heroin.

Candidate Donald Trump suggested, of course, a border wall would help solve the problem, while President Trump has complained America is a “drug-infested” country where “drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars.”

On the other side of the aisle, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has gone so far as to call for a new war on drugs to combat apparent problem of opioid use, abuse and overdoses.

With so many Americans dying, it’s important to clarify a few things about opioids, the folly of knee-jerk government reaction and…

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  • August

    Why isn’t the $150 billion a year taxpayer funded 12-Step religious AA/NA cult treatment industry’s “Higher Power” using its higher powers and keeping these drug addicts from overdosing?

  • zzzak666

    Legalise all drugs or at least decriminalise them just like they did in Portugal, that seems to have worked.

    • Legalize but keep the laws on the books and use them to double sentences for offenders who commit other crimes while ON DRUGS.

      People must act responsibly even when they are high.

      • René Martin

        Triple for those under the influence of alcohol

  • Jimmy Yost

    Gotta have that ‘War on Drugs’ parody going so the CIA and their drug cartel buddies can keep the money flowing in. As long as there is such a thing as the CIA there is going to be a ‘War on Drugs.’ And now there’s Sessions from Alabama which is home to one of the biggest pain killer manufacturers in the US. So there’s a slim chance he’ll ease up the current insane drug laws.

  • Robert Driggers

    We’ll just leave out the fact that we used the U.S. military’s presence in Afghanistan literally guarding the poppy fields to see to it that another generation could be partially destroyed by heroin. You can bet that the CIA/ DOD is funding yet more covert military and government-toppling operations with the funds. Who cares about the kids that use it? When I was younger (I’m 43) you couldn’t find heroin like you can now. It’s everywhere and purity is unparalleled (so I’m told and understand; full disclaimer I do not and have not used heroin). We wouldn’t be where we are right now if not for the war on terrorism (another stupid Baby Boomer folly that only the self-aggrandizing generation that refuses to let go of this country could possibly support. Keep it up and you will certainly accomplish the task of strangling this country to death with your fear-porn and military fetishism).

    Had we not gone into Afghanistan we would not be having this discussion at all. Since we are though I agree with Portugal’s stance and we need to stop and reverse the privatization of our prisons as well. Profit making on the backs of criminalizing a moral issue and exploiting our poorest and most vulnerable is horrible and totally appropriate in description of the Boomers.

  • Joe Blow

    Perhaps the fact that 94% of congress gets sent back to continue on their agenda of getting rich and destroying our nation in the process is a clue as to who to blame. Just ask Pogo. ?

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah drugs, huh.
    Heroin, where does it come from, ask the CIA, the golden triangle is still feeding out tons of it, the poppy fields in Afghanistan, and so on, thru the so called “allies” of wankees, weird isnt it, everywhere the drug is manufactures as in South America, the CIA is there.
    Cocaine, huh, anyone.

    This is exactly the same in Norway, the freaks have build up consensuses so stupid its difficult to penetrate an massive wall of ignorance and arrogance.
    And when the right winged freaks whines about the state controlling everything, the same freaks have no problems with it when it comes to things they think they know what they talk about, you dont, drugs have always been here, and will continue to be here, get it.

    And somehow, if you are unemployed or on well fare you have to be an druuuuug addict, yeah, PlayStation playing dope heads, all of us, right, hang em all, this and the never ending drooling about Drugs been the cause of everything, that morons, is an flat out lie.

    The second is contamination of drugs, heroin in it self, isnt dangerous, nope, its the combination of food and health care that kills them after years of use.
    This leads to constant infections, and sooner or later this gets serious, and the mental aspects of eating to little, is even more dangerous because it alters their perspectives, and zombiefyes them along the decline of their body continues.
    The same effect is on alcoholics, or any “dope” addict.
    Bad speed eats up your body, and so on.

    The moment an heroin user is left alone, helped to at least eat and work, He dont have to drop Heroin, that comes by it self when they can deal with in it peace, you talk about paranoia, well, when we deal with idiots whom think Heroin and Hashish is the same, the narratives about drug-users roaming, plundering and raping people is rock solid induced into the commoners.
    This paranoia is well founded, even I am extremely careful, and I know, that any given time an group of cops can kick the door in and pounce an MP5 between my eyes for some f…. grams of hashish/cannabis, of course you get paranoia, not serious but still.
    I have never heard of drug testings that where “successful”, because its not that many as you think it is, fallacy number one, and the next one is more grave and why dont we test the police, the politicians, the doctor’s and so on, have you heard of CDOs been tested, huh, anyone, of course not, and that alone makes this “war on drugs” to an simple tool of terror, physically and mentally, an mindless war against us that do drugs instead of other substances.

    Weird, world we live in, primitive creatures decides whats “normal” while ignoring other things that I consider to be much worse, the medical ind. complex slaughtering of innocent humans, and vaccines, something that I find staggering bonkers, and the cost of it, thru human suffering and damages, is what, beyond imagination, since the scale of people affected is sky rocketing, and autism can be done with and the best tool is drugs, like Mushrooms.
    Cannabis, is an remarkable effective medicine, I know, its my life line this days.

    And on top of it, they cant differentiated between Cannabis and Industrial Hemp.
    Dunka, dunka.

    Look to Portugal.
    The only sane country in Europa, along with some few others, but still I recon Portugal as the only one whom have done the right thing, an adult way of dealing with this “problem” of your, but hey, you dont like it because if actually works, to many have invested to much in this war, like the other wars, to admit its an failure.
    Grow up, creeps.


  • chris

    lets see,how about the govt turn itself over to law enforcement for their drug dealing? why do you think they will not leave afghanistan?

  • Justin Thought

    Golly! Something needs to be done about this! That death rate is approaching the death rate from LEGAL drugs!

    I know–let’s declare war on it. That’s always so effective! Why, within days of doing hat, there would be absolutely no more usage–and therefore, no more deaths–from illegal drugs!

    (and because I always get one comment that says my solutions are crazy: for the sarcasm challenged, this is a prime example.)

  • Pete752

    The US corp. survives on war, in fact any war against anything.


    A nation that mal-educates its children, deceives and manipulates its citizens, and attempts world domination through force of arms should not be surprised if people cannot find good reasons to live productive lives and choose to check out from the horror show.