Mandatory Propaganda

A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights demonstrates the reach and pettiness of the current international regime, while showing why we must break free from the international system.

What a strange land Europe has become. Once the undisputed civilizational center of the world, the continent has devolved into a post-first world wasteland. The healthy competition between nations has turned into a contest to see which nation can destroy itself the quickest and the most completely. From importing third world invader “refugees” to imposing anti-White and other destructive policies, White nations around the world are engaging in a race to the bottom. At the same time, those who attempt to fight back are stifled by powerful Orwellian institutions which crack down on any deviation from the path toward the destruction of Europe and the broader White world. Even low-level disruptions to the system lead to intervention from the international regime due to its reach and intolerance of dissent. Very few cases better demonstrate the strange, degenerate petty politics this has produced than the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling last Tuesday against a Russian law which bars the promotion of homosexual propaganda to children. The interests of the European people far from the minds of the continent’s elites, they focus instead on punishing the few who choose to fight their agenda and its monstrous bureaucratic mass.

The court, of which Russia is a member, ordered…

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