Major increase in hate crimes after Trump victory: NGO

Hate crimes in the United States have risen sharply following the election Donald Trump as the country’s future president, says an American nonprofit legal advocacy organization.

In a report released on Tuesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center documented 867 hate and bias incidents across the country in the course of 10 days after the November 8 vote, during which the reality TV star and billionaire managed to gain electoral victory, Reuters reported.

The figure displays a major increase from what is considered a normal rate, according to the group’s president, Richard Cohen.

Ranging from assaults to threatening graffiti, the incidents involved immigrants being menaced by deportation and vandalism as well as derision of African Americans with reference to Trump’s victory.

This AFP file photo taken on May 27, 2016 shows anti-Trump protesters clashing with pro-Trump supporters outside Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s election rally event…

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