Maine’s Susan Collins Has Betrayed Seniors, Small Businesses and Rural Constituents by Voting for the GOP Tax Bill

Sen. Susan Collins speaks at Fortune's Most Powerful Women summit in Washington, DC, on October 16, 2013. (Photo: Fortune Live Media)Sen. Susan Collins speaks at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women summit in Washington, DC, on October 16, 2013. (Photo: Fortune Live Media)

Welcome to Interviews for Resistance. We’re now nearly a year into the Trump administration, and activists have scored some important victories in those months. Yet there is always more to be done, and for many people, the question of where to focus and how to help remains. In this series, we talk with organizers, agitators and educators, not only about how to resist, but how to build a better world. Today’s interview is the 97th in the series. Click here for the most recent interview before this one.

Today we bring you a conversation with Mike Tipping, the communications director for the Maine People’s Alliance. Tipping discusses how Maine Sen. Susan Collins broke promises to constituents by voting for the GOP tax bill, and how activists are pushing to hold the senator accountable before a final vote.

Sarah Jaffe: Yesterday was Monday, the first weekday since the Republican Senate passed the tax bill. Tell us what went on in Maine yesterday after your senator voted for the tax cuts.

Mike Tipping: As you may remember, Susan Collins, upon returning to Maine after voting against the Republican health care repeal, got applauded at the airport. There were several scenes of people on the street thanking her for her vote. She did not have the same reaction in Maine [after voting for the tax bill]. Actually, she stayed in DC and did the Sunday shows, but in Maine, people were protesting up and down the state and they are continuing to do so all this week.

[Monday] in Bangor, dozens of people were outside her office and five very brave souls went inside and refused to leave until she talked to them about her vote, and she did not, and they got arrested and carted out in a police van. So, things are definitely escalating here. I think people believe that she’s not listening to them, that she’s doing real damage to the state, that she’s been lying…

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