Macron invites Trump for Bastille Day parade in Paris


Macron invites Trump for Bastille Day parade in Paris

Alex Lantier

14 July 2017

Donald Trump arrived yesterday in Paris at French President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation for a meeting and a joint press conference, before attending the Bastille Day parade today on the Champs Elysées avenue in Paris. Macron sent an unambiguous signal: despite his differences with Trump, he still places his relations with US imperialism at the center of his diplomatic strategy.

Macron launched the joint press conference by praising the “symbolic and important” trip of Trump, who is hated among workers in France, and hailing the centenary of the US entry into World War I against Germany. Trump’s visit, he declared, would “celebrate not only our national holiday but also the centennial of the intervention of American troops alongside France… The presence of Donald Trump was not only natural, but a good thing for the history of our two countries.”

Macron then listed subjects where he shares Trump’s positions: limiting free trade by reinforcing protectionist antidumping measures, censoring the Internet by editing out supposedly “terrorist” statements on social media, and waging imperialist wars in Africa and the Middle East.

After US, French and allied forces bombed the Iraqi city of Mosul during a siege that claimed 10,000 lives and displaced 700,000 people, Macron hailed the US role in Iraq. Fourteen years ago, Washington launched an illegal invasion and military occupation of that country, which cost over a million lives and was opposed by France’s right-wing president at the time, Jacques Chirac. Macron, on the other hand, insisted that he “thanks” Trump for what US troops have done in Iraq “in recent years.”

Trump’s statement also underscored the…

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