Listening Is the Key – LewRockwell

Not only have we lost the key it seems like we never had it. As a race we fail miserably with listening and that means we fail miserably with life, with love, communication, with health, politics, education and so on. We never have peace, not really, because we never learned to listen, though in our arrogance we think we listen when we do not, not on a deep level of being.

To listen is to suffer because we do not want to listen
to anything that might require a change.
To listen is to change.
We cannot change without listening.
Listening implies a change.
We need to change just to listen.

We would rather have eternal war rather than listen. In America, for instance, the country is dividing in half with the potential for civil war because one side does not listen to the other. If one does not listen how can one even begin to understand what the other side is talking about or meaning.

In climate science there are two sides with only one side listening to the other. Global warming proponents cannot stand to listen to those scientists who are speaking about global cooling yet those who point out that the sun is cycling down do understand and listen to the global warming story. Just happens that there is no truth to man-made global warming but do you think a person who believes in global warming wants to hear that? Vaccine proponents cannot stand to listen to the dangers of vaccines and how many children get hurt by them. And often husbands cannot stand to listen to their wives and visa versa.

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We don’t listen because we have never been taught. We just assume listening unless it is obvious that it is not happening. Some people are natural…

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