Liberals and Ultra-leftists: A Marriage Made in Hell

Lately I’ve been running into liberal Democrats and progressive Bernie supporters who are defending the ultra-left’s tactics of shutting down right-wing speakers and marches “by any means necessary.” Since many liberals and progressives belong to peace organizations that have a “nonviolence” clause in their mission statements, their support of “by any means necessary” — including violent means — presents a serious contradiction that will likely lead to just the opposite of what peace groups are trying to achieve.

The Politics of Fear

The corrupt U.S. political system requires a support base grounded in fear, which is why political leaders and the media keep us on the verge of hysteria through the fear of nuclear war and other existential threats. Liberals have fallen for the demagogic hyperbole of their leaders: They feel powerless under a “fascist” president and believe the Nazis are moments away from taking over the country. It’s 1930s Germany all over again, and liberals see ultra-left violence as a necessary tactic in the battle against fascism.

Apart from the historical errors of comparing today’s America with 1930s Germany, what the liberals can’t see is the power behind the curtain – they can’t see that they are being played once again by the Deep State fear mongers. The Deep State has been desperately seeking impeachment — regime change at home — since Trump got elected. Initially, through leaks and media complicity,…

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