Left-Wing Terrorists Attempt to Assassinate Right-Wing AfD Chairman

“Today is a black day for democracy”

Paul Joseph Watson
January 8, 2019


Left-wing terrorists attempted to kill the Bremen chairman of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in a vicious attack that left the politician fighting for his life.

Frank Magnitz sustained a gaping wound to his head after being attacked by three unknown assailants who were wielding wooden sticks.

The attack, which took place near Bremen’s Goetheplatz on Monday night, was only stopped when a construction worker saw the assault and tried to intervene.

According to an AfD statement, the incident was a “politically-motivated attempted assassination,” adding that Magnitz was “beaten half dead”.

“Today is a black day for democracy in Germany” said the statement.

AfD leader Alice Weidel released a video in which she blamed the attack on “incitement against the AfD and the behavior by the media against a democratically elected party.”

“This violence has reached a completely new level,” said Weidel, lamenting that the Green Party’s reaction to the attack was merely to call the AfD Nazis.

Given the nature of the attack, it’s almost certain that the culprits are members of Antifa, which in Germany is bigger, more organized and more violent than in America and other western…

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