Lame duck Obama approves $500m for global climate fund

With only days left of his administration, US President Barack Obama pays $500 million for a UN program to help poor countries cut their greenhouse gases in a fight for a better climate worldwide.

The US State Department announced Tuesday that Obama approved the payment, agreed under the Paris climate deal, for a second year, making his administration’s contribution to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) amount to one million dollars.

The payment was made just before he leaves the White House on January 20 for Republican President-elect Donald Trump to assume office.

Republicans, whose majority does not even acknowledge climate change despite being a scientific fact, have spared no efforts to block the payment, which is now expected to outrage them.

Obama had vowed to pay $3 billion for the program by 2020 but that was made impossible by such efforts, making the administration seek funding elsewhere in its budget.

“The GCF is the world’s largest…

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