Labour slams UK ‘hypocrisy’ with Saudi, Bahrain

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s “utter silence” in the face of human rights abuses by countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain illustrates her “hypocrisy,” says a Labour Member of Parliament.

Speaking at Labour Party’s national conference in Brighton, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry criticized the ruling Conservative government for turning a blind eye to Saudi Arabia’s deadly war against Yemen, and selling Riyadh new weapons that would be used against Yemeni civilians.

“It is rank hypocrisy,” she said. “But it also illustrates a basic fact that the world we want to see – a world governed by ethics and values, a world based on rules and laws will never truly exist as long as governments and world leaders get to decide for themselves when it suits them to play by the rules and when the rules can be safely ignored.”

London has been resisting international calls to stop aiding Saudi war crimes in Yemen, amid…

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