Labeling GMO: Dems put forward new bill as ‘Dark Act’ pushed on the hill

US Senate Democrats have offered an alternative GMO labeling bill that would require manufacturers to disclose the presence of GMOs to consumers, while still allowing them to choose how to comply with the law.

“Rather than blocking consumers’ access to information they want, the US Senate should move forward with a solution that works for business and consumers alike,” said Senator Jeff Merkley (D, Oregon) the lead sponsor of the bill which was introduced on Wednesday.

Merkley’s Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act would allow American consumers to see whether a food had been prepared with genetically modified ingredients on the Nutrition Fact Panel, reported the Hill.

Manufacturers would be given a choice of four ways to display the “fact:” a parenthesis to indicate the food is genetically modified; an asterisk with an explanation at the bottom of the ingredients list; the catchall phrase “produced with genetic engineering,” or the FDA would develop a symbol to disclosure the presence of GM ingredients.

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