Knife Attacker Goes on Rampage in German Bus, Reports of up to 14 Injured

Up to 14 people have reportedly been injured in a knife attack in the northern German city of Luebeck, local media reports. Police managed to detain the suspected attacker following what was described as ‘carnage’ by witnesses.

The incident happened in Luebek’s district of Kuecknitz. People “jumped out of the bus and screamed, it was terrible, and then the injured were taken away,” an eyewitness named Lothar, who lives next to the scene, told Luebecker Nachrichten (LN).

Another eyewitness, who was in the bus at the moment of the attack, told LN that “one of the victims had just offered his place to an elderly woman as the perpetrator stabbed him in the chest.”

“It was carnage!” she added.

The police confirmed that some people have indeed been wounded but said that no one was killed. According to local media at least two people were seriously injured while 12 more sustained light injuries.

The perpetrator was successfully detained and is now in custody. However, law enforcement stopped short of providing any details about his identity. Local news outlets describe him…

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