Kissing the Hands That Molest You

I do not and will not fly, so I can’t speak from personal observation. But those of you who brave aviation’s horrors tell me that the last thing the TSA’s thugs need are more calories. They’re obese, you say, and often disgustingly so, not just incompetent, vindictive and depraved.

So you’ll doubtless be as incredulous as I to learn that your fellow victims are feeding these worthless whales and butterballs. Yes. And not carrot sticks, either, but “cheeseburgers, vegetarian burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches and wings and salads”—the last no doubt smothered in dressing and croutons.

Behold the triumph of public education and the mainstream media: they have so dumbed us down that Americans feel sorry for Thieves and Sexual Assailants “working” without pay during the government’s shutdown.

Astounding, isn’t it? The passengers these unconscionable imbeciles abuse as potential terrorists, the ones they “search up your thighs and between your legs until we meet resistance,” whose “crotchal areas” they grope while stealing their iPads and cash, now pity their assailants.

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And why? Not because outraged citizens have taken to horsewhipping them. Nor are they dying in droves from their carcinogenic porno-scanners. Neither has the Almighty finally wearied of their evil and afflicted them with “emerods” (oh, please, oh, please! From my fingers to God’s ears!). Rather, they bleed for these parasites because the shutdown has delayed their ill-gotten gain, a.k.a. paychecks.

That’s right: despite the sob-stories about “unpaid” bureaucrats, whether at the TSA or elsewhere, the bloodsuckers will receive their cut of our taxes as usual.

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