Khan: Cameron, Goldsmith used Trump tactics

London’s newly-elected Labour mayor, Sadiq Khan, has accused British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative Party’s defeated mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith of inciting ethnic divide to stop him from winning, a tactic khan said they had borrowed from US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In an article published on the Observer on Sunday, Khan said his Tory opponents resorted to Trump’s tactic of using Islamophobia to gain more support.

“They used fear and innuendo to try to turn different ethnic and religious groups against each other – something straight out of the Donald Trump playbook,” Sadiq Khan wrote in the Observer. “Londoners deserved better and I hope it’s something the Conservative party will never try to repeat.”

Trump’s campaign has been marked by controversial statements, including disparaging remarks about Muslims and calling for a ban on Muslims entering the US.

London’s first ever Muslim mayor…

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