Kansas allows college students and professors to carry guns

The US state of Kansas has started to allow students and professors to legally carry concealed handguns onto college campuses.

The concealed carry law was enacted in 2013 in the Kansas state legislature and applied to all public buildings, but universities in the Midwestern state were exempted until now.

Faculty and students 21 and older can carry a concealed handgun on Kansas university campuses starting from July 1.

“The right to bear arms is essential towards preserving our freedoms and maintaining self-government,” said Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, who supports the law.

Kansas is joining Georgia, Arkansas and several other states with laws that allow students and faculty to carry guns on college campuses.

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The concealed carry law has prompted some faculty members to leave state universities. “I am looking for another job,” said Philip Nel, an English professor at Kansas State University. “I will not teach armed students,…

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