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Recently American Spectator-columnist Robert Stacy McCain issued a blistering response to Jonah Goldberg’s latest efforts at refurbishing his “Never-Trump conservative” credentials. McCain points out that Goldberg keeps reprising the same attacks against Trump that he’s been making for more than two years. Goldberg goes after Chris Buskirk at the American Greatness website for dismissing his brand of “conservatism” and for indicating that Goldbergism may be outdated. Despite the fact that Goldberg’s fans continue to devour his offerings, his invectives seem to have become tiresomely repetitive.

But Goldberg’s tirade segues into something more absorbing for those of us who find his “Never-Trumpism” to be less than newsworthy. He defends the neoconservative tradition against those on the Right who would dispute its moral and intellectual merits. He does this first by smearing the conservative critics of neoconservatism as anti-Semites (where have I heard this before?).  Those who opposed the neoconservatives in the 1990s were mostly followers of Pat Buchanan; and they argued like Buchanan when they retreated into their isolationist mantra:  “’Neocons care only about Israel’ is the Trojan horse that lets people get away with not saying the J word. Those bagel-snarfing warmongers want the real America to do their fighting for them.”

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McCain responds to this charge by citing me as a “formidable spokesman” for the traditional Right and a friend of Buchanan, who fails to meet the conventional standard for being an anti-Semite. I am, after all, Jewish and my family fled from the Nazis. But there is a…

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