Jane Sanders under FBI investigation over bank fraud

The wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is under investigation by the FBI over alleged bank fraud.

The Vermont senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, reportedly falsified loan documents while at helm at Burlington College, the Hill reported on Sunday, citing an investigation by American news and opinion website, the Daily Caller.

The liberal arts school in the northeastern US state went bankrupt and was shut in May 2016 over failing to meet accreditation standards.

During Sanders’ tenure from 2004 to 2011, the school fell $10 million into debt.

She then left the school over undisclosed reasons in 2011.

Sanders also failed to raise $2.6 million in donations, needed to pay for some purchased land.

The FBI and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  (FDIC) are consequentially in contact with donors she appealed to for help with loans.

According to a 2010 loan application, one of the donors named Corinne Bove Maietta had pledged to…

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