It’s Time to Make Behaving Like “Ladies and Gentlemen” Great Again

Louder With Crowder
December 7, 2018

No, I’m not suggesting we return to the 1950s. For those of you who just came here to comment on how we should or should not return to the 1950s.

But I am suggesting we revive a certain behavior founded on self-respect. Tweaking the ways we treat each other isn’t like waving a magic wand, it won’t solve everything. But when it comes to addressing recently dredged up issues of sexual harassment, adopting and demanding better behavior of everyone seems the best place to start.

Put simply: men should behave like gentlemen, women should behave like ladies.

Oh yes, I’ll be called a backward prude for suggesting such a radical, constricting idea of men treating themselves and ladies with respect, and ladies treating themselves and men with respect. But after witnessing the last two years of nastiness being exposed, discussed and debated, a change in personal conduct seems the best place to start in fixing these messy and sometimes dangerous issues which blot our culture. The same issues originating with bad behavior.

Yes, there will always be jerks, bitches, dicks, and shrews. As there have always been, so there will always be. From my experience with Twitter, where people can more easily remain anonymous, creepy men haven’t a clue they’re creepy men. Which means we’ll need to define what it means to behave like a gentleman. Similarly, as I’ve learned from Twitter, shrill women with ax-grinding agendas seem unaware they hail from the island of Total Bitch.

We are all of us flawed human hypocrites. I’m first to admit I’m hardly a lady of elegant refinement. Over many years I’ve made any number of screwups, mishaps, and have hurt people close to me. As well as total internet strangers who took what I wrote quite personally, even if what I wrote had little or nothing to do with them. Thanks for your messages of unadulterated hate,

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