Israeli diplomat filmed talking about ‘taking down’ pro-Palestinian UK MPs


A senior Israeli embassy official in London has been caught on camera saying he plotted to “take down” British MPs sympathetic to Palestine, including Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan.

Shai Masot, a senior political officer at the Israeli regime embassy in London, who also describes himself as an Israeli military officer, made the threats about several British lawmakers during an undercover sting scheme by an Al Jazeera investigative unit, according to a Guardian report on Saturday.

Masot declined to comment or elaborate on what he meant when he said he wanted to “take down” a number of British lawmakers.

Masot had been speaking to Maria Strizzolo, a civil servant who was formerly an aide to another Conservative minister. Also present during the recorded conversation was ‘Robin’ – a man whom they thought to be working for Labor Friends of Israel — a political pressure group, but in fact, Robin was an undercover reporter.


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  • ddearborn


    If this had been a sting operation that uncovered a member of the Iran embassy talking about “taking down” a Pro Israeli MP (in which case he would have been busy since just about anyone who isn’t part of the Pro Israeli lobby really has been “taken down- but I digress) the entire would be reading about the “antisemitic” scum on the front page of every main stream media out in world. Instead, this story has already been buried, never to see the light of day again. Israel has always had a huge problem with the truth. And with the advent of the internet that truth is finally alerting the world to the fact that Israel is not the victim of terrorism and hate, violence and death, Israel is the purveyor of terrorism and hate, violence and death……

    • FreddyB

      Couldn’t agree more. I really do wonder if the masses are ever going to see Israel for what it is, a terrorist nation that until it was given it’s own nation was never welcome anywhere. People have been fooled into believing it’s because of religious persecution and they are completely correct just not against the Jews.

  • Boink389

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, Great Britain, letting the flea on the tail of the dog wag the dog. Sad, just sad.
    If PE Trump moves the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it will demonstrate that he, also, is completely owned and it is not by the American public.

  • Johnny Canuck

    Everyone ignore this page. It is just Anti-semitism. Everybody knows how moral and wonderful Zionists are. Please donate some money to some kind of Jewish organization so they can fight fake news like this. Zionist Jews would never harm a hair on anybody’s head, unless they deserve it. Hail ISIS-RA-EL, the Land given to Jews, God’s Chosen People, from anywhere and everywhere. Free at last to bully, bomb, murder Palestinianians and anyone else and steal Land, because God told ’em it’s OK. That USS Liberty thing? Oh, c’mone that was a long time ago.

  • ahuxley

    This simply cannot be.
    Only Putin is capable of meddling in the political affairs of another nation.
    The reason that I know that with utter certainty, is because I read the NYT and watch CNN…

  • anonymous4u4me

    They are the chosen people who are we to question their actions, plans or thoughts?

  • Johnny Jones

    Take an inch, take a mile.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, this is how they do it, take out anyone they dont like, and neutralize them thru an massive barrage of total bullshit about us been “jooo haters, antisemitism” and so on, we know the drill.

    This is what I define as The Kosher Nostra, the Shoa must go on, right, f….. creeps, there is an reason for this fake Jooos to be hated, this is the reason, double speech and double morale.
    And they do it everywhere, in Norway only 1 foreign country have done an terror act, and they even on top of it, killed an innocent man, and thats the rats from Israel.

    Yeah, and they got away, because Norway is under total control of the tribe, the Khazarian in-breaded bastards, whom is faking everything regarding the Norwegians history.

    This are The Babylon, they are the evil force, the Babylonian Talmud, why do we never talk about that pack of freaks.
    People are just f…. Pussy’s