Israel preferred Clinton as US president: Analyst

Israel would have been much happier if US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had won the November 8 election instead of her Republican rival, Donald Trump, says an American analyst based in Idaho.

Mark Glenn, an author and political analyst, made the remarks on Sunday, following renewed calls by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to reexamine the Electoral College system.

Sanders said Clinton’s defeat to Trump, despite winning the popular vote, was “weird” and begged for a review in the voting system.

Trump was able to clench a historic victory over Clinton by winning 306 electoral votes. The former secretary of state took 232 votes after losing key states.

Less than a week after the election, Sanders said the outcome necessitated a “serious discussion” on the concept of electoral votes.

The senator, who ran an unsuccessful nomination campaign against Clinton in the primaries, renewed his call in the wake of an attempt by Green…

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