Israel and Saudi Arabia: a Match Made in Heaven (or in Washington)


Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Israeli PM Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

If we were to believe all the propaganda we would think (the occupation state of) Israel and (the medieval kingdom of) Saudi Arabia were mortal foes. On one hand we have an entity that describes itself as a blooming democracy, an oasis of civilisation amongst barbaric foes, and on the other a royal family that presents itself as the natural leader of the Arabs. Given that there is no greater cause in the Middle East than that of the Palestinians, this would put them severely at odds. In reality, what we have is a brutal, apartheid, settler-colonial state and a backward, Wahhabi/Salafist and oil-reliant monarchy, both spreading terror across the region, each in its own way. What binds them together is their position vis-a-vis the US empire, making them, in fact, natural allies, something that has started making the rounds publicly.

A recent article appeared in the Zionist bastion that is the Washington Institute for Near East Policy with the auspicious title “An Open Letter from a Young Saudi to Prince Mohammad bin Salman“. Conceding that it was indeed a young Saudi who wrote it,, the letter contains the expected rear-end kissing towards the Saudi prince, who is “God’s chosen to lead Saudi Arabia” through the current challenges, the waving of the Iran bogeyman spectre and some other (un)remarkable bits.

The most eye-catching bit is the call for an alliance with Israel to confront…

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